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TEAK Accessories - Please refer to Line ART Furniture Catalog 2016 (PDF) for complete list. Brut (standard) Huile Dore (optional) Huile Naturel  (optional) Naturel Ceruse Blanc (optional) Teak Finish options Ceruse Blanc (optional) Havane (optional) Bathroom Cabinets Bathroom Cabinets Mirrors Mirrors Laundry Basket Ref 3032 Laundry Basket with  removable Liner.  W 19 7/16” x D 19 7/16”  x H 30 1/8” Towel Rail Ref 3030 W 29 5/16” x D 25 9/16”  x H 41 15/16” Laundry Unit Ref 4030 W 17 3/4” x D 21 1/16”  x H 34 1/4”
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